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YES!  I want to hear from you about your banjo.  Click this link to send an email to: dan "at" banjophiles . com. 

Here is what you should send:

Photos!  Yes, send any and all pictures you have.  Many folks send an email asking if I would like to see photos... the answer is always YES.  This is the best way to identify the make, model, originality, and year of a banjo.

Serial number.  This can be found in several locations on the banjo:

Inside the "Pot", stamped inside the wooden rim.  This is only visible with the resonator removed (easy to do).

Stamped or inked on the back of the headstock.  This was common on banjos made in and after the late 1930's.

Don't know your way around the banjo??? Basic Banjo Anatomy and how to find serial number

History:  What do you know about the banjo?  Any original documents (bill of sale, hang-tags, etc)?  Do you have an old photo of the banjo with previous or original owners?  These are always great to see!

What specific questions do you have?

Let me know if you do NOT want your photos posted, and/or if you do NOT want to be listed as a source.  If so, you will remain anonymous. 

I will get back to you as soon as I can... however, as this is not my "real" job, it sometimes takes a few days or weeks to respond, especially when I am travelling.


Why is the Serial Number so Important?