Repairing a Broken Banjo Headstock
Ouch!  That hurt..... a Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard was knocked forward in it's stand and, as is
typical when that happens.... the forward momentum of the headstock weight combined with the
tension of the strings, snapped off the headstock completely.  Ironically, the culprit in this tragedy
was our Labrador Retriever, Earl!
A little Hide Glue....  kind of a hassle to
work with, as it has to be applied hot,
but it is extremely strong and
fast-setting, with no creep.
The break was very clean, so it went
back together with virtually no seam.  
One of the benefits of using hide glue
for a break like this is that as it cures it
shrinks and pulls the seam extremely
tight, leaving almost no visible line.

The messy part was repairing the
veneer and inlays.  I had saved all the
little pieces, so it was a matter of
putting them back together like a tiny
puzzle.  Epoxy did the trick here.
There, everything back in place!  Now
for 8 layers of Nitro (2 coats at a time,
4 days between each two), lots of
sanding, and off to the buffer.
I didn't even apply any coloring to the
glue seam, and still it's almost
Can you see a line?
Ready to play!
Best of all, Earl is delighted that his error
was reversible!