1934 Granada  #9557-9
This gorgeous banjo has the elements typical of the Granada of the mid-thirties:  Gold plated hardware, engraved
armrest and hoop, Flying Eagle inlays.  The resonator is veneered with tight, curly maple.

It is interesting to note that the 9557 series of granadas preceded another batch at 9562, which were flatheads,
followed by 9580 (one of which is on this site) which were style 3 flatheads, then there was 9582 of PB Granadas
that were flatheads, followed by yet another short run of flathead Granadas that were also rare 5-string necked  
(9584), the most famous batch of banjos ever................... what a fine time for mastertone production!
The owner of this banjo was lucky enough to find a genuine 1930's Style 18 engraved, gold-plated tone ring.  The pot  has
now been cut down and fitted with the pre-war tone ring.

Now here is something that takes a solid set of nerves!

Steve Huber is cutting down the rim on this rare Granada to fit
the prewar Flathead ring.  You only get one chance at this!

Whew!  Looks like it worked out perfectly... the Holy Grail is

Here are some photos of the tone ring before installation:

Photos courtesy of Rodney Carter

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