Listen to these sound bites, see if you can guess the banjo being played....
Here are the choices:

1934 Gibson PB3 Flathead conversion
1935 Gibson TB3 Archtop conversion
1958 Gibson RB250 Archtop
1978 Gold Star GF100
1963 Gibson RB250 Flathead
1990 Gibson RB3
1995 Rich & Taylor Sonny Osborne
1998 Gibson RB5
1999 Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard
1999 Prucha Fall-In-Love Custom
2003 Fawley Retrotone Carolina Master
2005 Frank Neat "Kentucky 75" with unplated JD Crowe ring
Personally, I think these both sound fantastic,
if you like the "Scruggs" tone....
I will keep adding sound files.... check
back again later!

Banjo 1
Banjo 2