Why all this obsessive information about banjos?

It's an obsession, but there is also a mission of sorts behind all of this.  In an effort to share what I have learned about America's Instrument, I hope to gather yet more information from other vintage instrument enthusiasts, and preserve it for the future. 

I do not consider myself an expert on banjos (or on anything else, for that matter).  I would say only that I am a student of the vintage Gibson Banjos and have an insatiable thirst for more and more information and data about these wonderful instruments.

On an unfortunate but unavoidable note, there is a side-benefit to the documentation of the particulars and history of these fine, old banjos.  In these days of escalating prices for vintage instruments, including banjos, the temptation for dishonest types to pass off frauds is also escalating.  As the years pass and history is accumulated, the ability of the fraudsters to pass off a fake will be, to some extent, thwarted.  Knowledge is power. 

I do not have a commercial interest of any kind in providing the information in this website (although you will see a page on which I will periodically list banjo and miscellany for sale).



The information here is free for you to use or discard at your whim, and at your own risk of course!.  Although accuracy is my primary goal, I do not guarantee the accuracy of anything you find here.  Do not copy any photos or other images from this site without permission.